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Refer a friend or Neighbor Spring 2015
Autumn/Fall Update 2014
July LawnCare Tips


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July: Tiop of the Month
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Refer a Friend or Neighbor

Refer a friend or Neighbor Spring 2015

Refer a friend or neighbor and receive a discount or free services:

By being a good Friend or Neighbor and referring our quality services  to them You will  be eligible to receive either a free service or discounted service if they sign up with Royal Lawn Care for the season.

We appreciate your business and will strive to exceed your expectations.

The best compliment you can give us is a referral to a friend or neighbor.

Good friends like good service are hard to find these days.


Spring is finally here !!

After a very long, cold, snowy winter
I believe spring has finally arrived.

Time to get out the clubs!!

While you are out enjoying the golf course--- let us get your lawn looking Lush and Green. 
We useScotts Productsto bring out your lawn's best.


Autumn/Fall Update 2014

Fall Update October 2014
I have found this to be the best time to plant grass. The seeds will germinate and the roots systems develop as the winter snows melt, so that by mid-spring the grass will be well established before the hot sunny days of summer arrive. This ensures a very healthy green lawn come those lazy, hazy, hot days of summer!
Another tip: please clean-up the old leaves that fall on your lawn. If you let them remain over winter you run the risk of your lawn getting fungal and mold infestations, which will ruin your beautiful lawn and cost you more money in the spring.

July LawnCare Tips

Well, we are in the middle of July 2013 and it is a HOT ONE! Your lawn will look its best if it is properly hydrated and mowed.
In the mid-Summer we recommend that you don't cut your grass too low.  (It will certainly Brown-out)  and you'll have not only dead grass but unfortunately unwanted weeds beginning to grow through your once lush carpet of beautiful green grass.
Our recommended cut height is approximately 3" in the dry hot days of summer.
Why? Because if you cut below 3" the little moisture in the ground and the high temperatures of mid-day will cause the grass to dry out (Brown-out).


We at Royal Lawn Care, have been serving the Pittsburgh area (South & East Allegheny County as well as North Fayette and Westmoreland counties) for over 12 years.
Our team takes pride in our work and we treat every lawn as if it were our own. Our team members are courteous, professional and respectful of the properties that we maintain.
If you are looking for experienced affordable lawn care or property management please contact us by phone or e-mail and one of our friendly staff will be glad to assist you.